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User: gfnnfg (posted by uk_sef)
Date: 2010-11-15 09:37
Subject: frogs on film
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Tags:fiction, film & tv, frogs & toads
There's a lot of on-screen time for a couple of frogs in the recent Disney film "The Princess And The Frog". The plot goes pretty much as you'd expect - including the film-makers being unable to bring themselves to leave the transformed characters as frogs at the end.

Meanwhile, in the much older Disney film of "The Black Cauldron", there were many more frogs (hiding among the crockery at the witches' house). They didn't get a lot of on-screen time or characterisation though - not even individual names! However, despite being transformed people, these frogs remained entirely froggy forever as far as the audience was shown. Only one of the main characters on the quest was switched in and out of frogginess.
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